Nursing: A change in legislation

It’s international nurses day this Saturday, 12th May. A day to celebrate and honour the incredible work of nurses across the globe. Giving acknowledgement to a rich history of hard work and dedication towards providing patients with the best possible care. It’s work that spreads beyond the hospital, and into the legislative system as we [...]

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Multitasking? Forget it; Monotask for efficiency.

It’s no secret that we’re addicted to ‘multitasking’. In fact, we’re far too good at it. Multiple browser tabs open, juggling five different tasks at once, walking while replying to emails; sound familiar? We’ve all seen the research proving that multitasking is not a productive nor healthy method of working, yet we can’t stop doing [...]

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World Health Day 2018 | Universal Health Coverage

At least half of the world’s population is lacking access to appropriate and essential health services, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). This Saturday 7th April marks the 70th annual World Health Day and the WHO are dedicating it to the fight for universal health coverage. Roughly 100 million people are still being pushed [...]

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The growing trend of flexibility

There’s no denying that the workforce is changing. Today’s work environment is radically different to that of just twenty years ago. From the rise of new technologies that improve the way we’re connected, to the ageing population and a shift towards work-life balance; things are moving rapidly. While work was consuming more and more of [...]

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The changing workforce of education

The school year is back in full swing; a flux of new students and teachers set for the year. Research has shown that today’s Australians are more educated than ever before, with the number of students enrolled in full-time education at new records. But with the number of students set to rise over the next [...]

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How to improve workplace efficiency

Every business aims to optimise functionality and efficiency. Yes, we’re talking about the ‘do more with less’ euphemism. Maximising the ability for employees to focus their time and energy in the most critical areas of the business, reaching corporate objectives, all while reducing spend and boosting workplace morale. Sounds impossible, right? It doesn’t have to [...]

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The importance of promoting employee well-being

The casual workforce is a sporadic, intensive and ever-changing. With such vastly moving structural dynamics, there is a significant need for management to help develop a sense of consistency and foundational support for casual employees. A part of this is prioritising the promotion of employee well-being. A recent news story reported that night shift nurses [...]

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The benefits of automating shift shortfalls

The workforce is an ever-changing environment. From the rise of the gig economy, to the vast growth of technological advancements; there’s lots to keep up with. At ShiftMatch, we understand that managers are busy enough, without the added pressure of trying to fill unexpected roster vacancies. The workflows surrounding shortfalls can often be extremely time-consuming, [...]

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Four ways to retain your casual employees

The Australian workforce looks different than it did in the past and the mindset of employees is changing. Gone are the days of the regimented 8 to 5 work schedule, as workers move away from more traditional permanent arrangements and opt for hours that suit their individual needs. According to data from the Australian Bureau [...]

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The benefits of training your casual employees

Training casual staff is critical to the development and overall efficiency of an organisation, yet there’s often reluctance shown towards it. Why? Because training entails resources, time, materials and can be a costly exercise. However, when the workplace operates using technologies like ShiftMatch, regular training and communication is a necessity to ensure not only the [...]

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