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ShiftMatch fills the holes in your roster by instantly matching staff to vacancies, giving you back time while delivering the most cost effective, qualified staff to their preferred work times.

ShiftMatch will fill your vacancies

Free Updates & Support: You Need It, We Gladly Provide It.

We believe in our product and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We care about your staffing needs, which is why we offer the best support directly with our key personnel. One of the main reasons ShiftMatch is as good as it is today is because of feedback from our users. ShiftMatch constantly offers free updates with new features requested by our users. You can count on us.

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How can ShiftMatch help in my industry?

Demand for qualified professionals in the Healthcare and Aged care industry continues to grow, and nursing shortages are a widespread problem throughout the country. Nurses are regularly asked to work additional shifts on top of their regular schedules, and finding the staff to fill those shifts is vexing for both managers and employees. ShiftMatch is an automated healthcare rostering system matching vacant shifts to qualified and available staff, ShiftMatch can:

  • Increase shifts filled by existing full-time and part-time staff
  • Reduce the costs of outside agency placements and staff overtime
  • Increase utilization of qualified staff across related facilities
  • Decrease the time and hassle spent by managers calling employees to fill unexpected shift vacancies
The flurry of activity usually begins early in the morning: track down a substitute within the next hour to fill a vacancy at the school, day care centre or preschool. Whether the position is teacher, aide, paraprofessional, clerical, food service or custodial staff, an automated staff rostering system ShiftMatch alleviates the frenetic replacement scramble by allowing you to:

  • Record the type of vacancy that needs filling and let ShiftMatch instantly find matches that are available and qualified for the position
  • Automatically send a ‘help wanted’ text with the details of the substitute position
  • Quickly and automatically move down the list of preferred matches until a confirmation is received
Retail and hospitality establishments – from fast food restaurants to grocery stores, clothing retailers to convention centers, hotels to theaters – use high numbers of part-time and variable-hour employees to staff their business. Schedules can vary week to week and even day to day, and workers’ availability regularly changes as well. ShiftMatch is an automated staff rostering system allowing you to:

  • Let workers enter their shift availability and receive instant text notification when shifts are available
  • Monitor maximum hours worked per pay period to manage costs of overtime and benefits
  • Communicate with employees instantly with the one thing they always carry – their phones
Manufacturing and distribution companies often run multiple shifts every hour of every day. Managing worker utilization while ensuring each shift is fully staffed quickly becomes complex and is a constant administrative burden. ShiftMatch is an automated staff rostering system and can help:

  • Fill shifts by offering additional hours to underutilized workers
  • Manage workplace practices, including maximum hours, worked and overtime eligibility, by including specific controls and limits in the automated matching process
Last minute scheduling is a fact of life for businesses subject to changing weather, material deliveries or subcontractors. When crews can’t operate due to staff shortages, the scramble is on to get qualified workers to the site as soon as possible. With the ShiftMatch worker availability features and the real-time texting, companies can use an automated staff rostering system like ShiftMatch to:

  • Fill last-minute needs with workers skilled for the job assignment
  • Notify workers via targeted broadcast texts of last-minute changes due to unforeseen factors and events
  • Monitor and confirm workers’ licensing and registrations to ensure they comply with mandatory requirements
  • Eliminate hours of fruitless calling to fill shifts – whether daily, weekly or monthly

Responsive Interface to fit any size

No matter where you are, if you have a smartphone or tablet with an internet connection through wifi or cellular you can easily manage when and where you want to work. There’s no special app to download, ShiftMatch just works on all mobile devices.

responsive interface

Features Designed for Managing The Changing Workforce

The workforce is changing as more people work jobs that don’t fit the traditional 8 to 5 model. Businesses increasingly use part-time and casual employees to bolster productivity and competitiveness. Workers are opting for flexibility in their lifestyle with balancing either, family, study or other activities. ShiftMatch is an essential management tool to ensure you fill your shifts with the right worker.

Employee Satisfaction

Staff keep their own availability updated and are only contacted for shifts they want via email or smartphone or tablet anywhere

See where the gaps are

The staff roster will allow a staff allocator or manager to see across the whole organisation and pinpoint where the staffing shortages are while ShiftMatch is still automatically filling the other vacancies.

Workforce reporting in real-time

Produces detailed reports on all relevant data – provided at the touch of a button and customizable to your needs

Where staff can work

Manage where staff can and can’t work by allocating them locations. Staff can opt-out of any location if they don’t want to work there but they can’t add locations themselves ensuring better governance and compliance .

Talk to your workforce

In addition to the smart logic generating messages to match the right staff to a vacancy, ShiftMatch can let you manually broadcast important information messages out via email or SMS to your staff.

Connect with other systems

ShiftMatch includes a suite of industry standard API’s to allow other third party system to connect such as Rostering, Time & Attendance, Payroll, Data Warehousing, or Staffing Agency Allocation systems.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, They Deliver These Benefits

  • Dramatically reduced the amount of time spent by management filling vacant shifts (up to 90%)

  • Enable focus on more strategic staff resourcing and training issues

  • Improved clinical governance through skills/grading alignment to vacancies and registration checks (VRB, AMA, Working with Children, VISA etc)

  • Improved commercial governance in dealing with agencies

  • Empowering the Casual workforce to align work preferences without prejudice

  • Creating a stronger sense of community among the Casual workforce through communication – increase recruitment and retention rates

  • Optimising the available casual pool to increase Casual utilisation by up to 30%, reducing overtime and Agency staff

  • Optimise the costs of the existing Casual workforce (most cost-effective labour source for any given shift)

  • Enables accountability and prioritisation of all Agency use

Some of our frequently asked questions

  • I already have a scheduling/rostering system – why do I need ShiftMatch?

  • After you post your Staff Roster, how do your managers replace vacancies and find staff for shortfalls? ShiftMatch gets managers off the phone by automating the filling of gaps in your Roster.

  • We’re really busy – how hard is ShiftMatch to implement?

  • ShiftMatch is ready to use in just a few days – configured with your workforce and scheduling practices – and is available anywhere via the web. We help you get your staff ready for the change and we train managers and schedulers in just a couple hours.

  • Do we need a capital budget?
  • Our customers easily pay for ShiftMatch from the savings in their overtime and agency budgets. As a software service, you only pay when you use ShiftMatch. There is an initial charge for configuration and training, and no long-term contracts or commitments.

  • Does ShiftMatch integrate to our other workforce software?

  • ShiftMatch includes a suite of industry standard API’s to connect to other workforce management software such as Scheduling, Time & Attendance, Payroll, Data Warehousing and Agency Staffing Allocation systems.

  • Will my staff like ShiftMatch?

  • Staff retention typically improves after ShiftMatch is implemented because your workers feel more valued. Staff have greater control over their work/life balance able to pick up as much or as little work as they require and only get notified about the shifts they want.

User Reviews: We Love our Users, And They Love Us.

We are dedicated to our users. When you use ShiftMatch, you’re using software that has been designed by its users and with over 170,000 users and counting, that’s a lot of functionality we’ve added to make the task of managing vacant shifts so much easier. Check out what our users are saying about ShiftMatch!

“Since implementing ShiftMatch 1 year ago we have:

Improved the ability for part-time staff to pick up shifts within and across facilities, providing flexibility and empowering staff to be able to pick up shifts that suit personal schedules. Halved agency usage with significant projected savings per annum. Reduced rostering administration within busy, local and remote facilities through a centralised efficient small rostering team, which ensures consistent application of policy and procedure. And improved organisational ability to manage overtime, report and provide facilities with evidence to support improvement and change – Jenny Barbara – Bethanie Group

ShiftMatch provides great benefits to managers and staff – especially with time savings.

Clare O'Connell - Director of Nursing, Hobart Private Hospital

“Have to put it out there – I LOVE ShiftMatch!”

Pamela Giffard - Nurse Unit Manager