At ShiftMatch, we are proud that we can provide a system that allows our customers to deliver essential services to our community. Our task is to effectively and efficiently fill vacant shifts so that organisations can focus on more critical issues than being on the phone all day finding staff.Getting the most out of ShiftMatch is essential in this time when resources are stretched to fill shifts and manage staff. We have put together the following tips for our customers to get the most out of ShiftMatch, please contact us immediately to discuss any of these options;
  • Creation of new locations  (e.g fever clinics)
  • Bulk allocation of new locations 
  • New pools or skills associated with COVID-19 (e.g infection control)
  • Utilise the Do Not Disturb function for staff that may need to be self quarantined
  • Temporarily turn off forward-planning – this will allow staff to accept future shifts beyond the regular roster periods
  • Allow access to the Open Roster at all times
  • Uncheck offers only on rapidbooks
  • Use broadcasts to communicate urgent information to staff quickly
  • Use splash pages (pop-up) and news pages to convey information to staff 
  • Automation – some of the everyday tasks you perform in ShiftMatch such as refer to the agency can be triggered automatically allowing you more time on more critical issues – e.g. refer to agency 2 hours before shift start time is unfilled, or increased max messages if the shift is still open 4 hours before shift start time
  • Adding different workgroups, for example, Doctors, Support Services, Allied Health, Childcare.
  • Redeploying staff and new locations

Thank you to all ShiftMatch users on the frontline for their hard work during this challenging time. For more information or customer assistance, please contact ShiftMatch support. Together we can get through this if we all play our part in reducing the spread by following the state and federal government recommendations.