Celebrating 20 Years of Innovation at ShiftMatch

On April 19th, 2024, we marked an incredible milestone—20 years of ShiftMatch (formerly known as Cascom). As we reflect on our journey, we’re proud of the evolution from our beginnings as a small Australian-owned, privately-funded startup. Embracing the challenges and sacrifices that came with such [...]

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ShiftMatch App 2.0 ShiftMatch for iOS & Android makes it easier to fill vacant shifts

We are excited to announce our new App! Version 2.0 of the ShiftMatch App has been redesigned for a much-improved user experience. Staff can now manage Availability, accept Shifts, fill Open Roster vacancies, view Notifications and more. An improved user interface, numerous back-end system [...]

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5 Tips For Staying Motivated When Working From Home

If you have recently been asked to work from home you are by now probably a couple of weeks in and possibly starting to feel a little unmotivated now that the novelty of rolling out of bed and onto your office chair has worn off. [...]

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ShiftMatch Crisis Support Package

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, access to skilled, qualified and available medical staff has become essential. ShiftMatch can significantly help healthcare organisations to mobilise and manage contingent workforces immediately. To assist healthcare through this period, we have created a Crisis Support Package that enables [...]

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Tips For Utilising ShiftMatch During COVID-19

At ShiftMatch, we are proud that we can provide a system that allows our customers to deliver essential services to our community. Our task is to effectively and efficiently fill vacant shifts so that organisations can focus on more critical issues than being on the [...]

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The key to motivating your casual employees

Casual employees are important to organisations of all sizes, and these workers make up approximately one-quarter of Australia’s entire workforce. With long shifts, irregular hours and minimal contractual commitment, there can be a level of long-term uncertainty. This is why management needs to place due [...]

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