If you’re managing a pool of casual or part-time employees, then you understand the stress that comes with managing holes in the roster. Whether it’s a staff shortfall or someone’s called in sick; spending hours glued to the phone is no longer a feasible method of working through vacancies. Your time is extremely valuable and should be dedicated to the more important strategic objectives of the organisation. It’s time to enlist the help of a full-featured solution, like ShiftMatch, to instantly manage shift vacancies for you.

It’s easy to use
While our software is sophisticated in design, it’s easy to use. Employees can manage their own profile online from any smartphone, tablet or computer. They are responsible for updating their communication preferences and availability, meaning they are only contacted for the shifts they are available to work. Management schedule and detail the vacant shifts, then ShiftMatch finds the best match and notifies employees one at a time until the shift is accepted.

What are the benefits?
In an increasingly mobile world, both organisations and employees need real-time access to key information, like scheduling and shift planning. The monthly reporting allows management to better optimise the utilisation of casual pools, identify shortfalls, track certifications and can act as a method of transparency between the organisation and employees. Consolidating and streamlining shift management means that administrators regain precious time and can significantly reduce the organisation’s spend on external resources and overtime. Staff retention typically strengthens after ShiftMatch is implemented too, as the improved two-way communication provides casual staff with a sense of belonging, ensures they don’t miss out on shifts they’re available for and removes any prejudice in the acceptance or rejection of vacancies.

It’s up and running in days
The software can be up and running in just days, depending on the size and requirements of the organisation. The ShiftMatch team will be with you every step of the way, with designated training sessions scheduled for key administration staff.

ShiftMatch provides an automated staff booking solution. Our sophisticated software instantly matches staff to every shift vacancy, so you don’t have to. Contact us here for more information.