Training casual staff is critical to the development and overall efficiency of an organisation, yet there’s often reluctance shown towards it. Why? Because training entails resources, time, materials and can be a costly exercise. However, when the workplace operates using technologies like ShiftMatch, regular training and communication is a necessity to ensure not only the efficiency of the organisation but the happiness of the employees in it. Here are a few reasons why investing more in casual employee training is important.

Developing positive attitudes amongst staff

Contributing to the growth of your casual employee’s skills has a significant impact on their confidence and happiness in the workplace. As mentioned in our previous post, the causal landscape can often provide a level of uncertainty, so investing time into your casual employees is critical. It helps to instil a sense of community, as they feel they are contributing something valuable to the organisation. Casual employees who aren’t trained properly, are often unhappy, unproductive and unable to utilise the organisation’s systems to their full and indented potential.

Well-trained casual staff are less likely to leave

Training casual employees is an effective retention strategy, as it makes them feel valued. When you take the time to teach staff members how to use ShiftMatch, it not only empowers them through learning a new skill, but their new learnings give them greater control over their work schedule. Employees can develop a work-life balance that suits their individual needs, and managers get back crucial admin time. However, untrained staff may become disengaged, and experience difficulty in managing their schedule and become unhappy with their work hours, sparking the desire to leave.

Training your staff is a profitable investment

When it comes to ShiftMatch, effectively training your casual employees will save you on both time and money by eliminating the workflows around filling shifts. By accessing the interface on any smart device, casual staff can easily manage when and where they want to work and will be matched to any vacancies instantly. This means that managers no longer need to spend hours on the phone trying to secure a replacement for shortfalls. Streamlining the booking solution can save an organisation significantly on external resources as well as help to lower the cost of overtime. In saying this, if casual employees aren’t trained properly on the system, these benefits will not be experienced at the highest level.

Developing the skills of your staff has a significant impact on their confidence and performance in the workplace. Employees may have varying levels of capabilities, so it’s also important that your training efforts reflect those variations. At ShiftMatch we understand training is a big task, so we help you get your staff ready in just a few hours, during our implementation process. To find out more, please contact us here.