Every business aims to optimise functionality and efficiency. Yes, we’re talking about the ‘do more with less’ euphemism. Maximising the ability for employees to focus their time and energy in the most critical areas of the business, reaching corporate objectives, all while reducing spend and boosting workplace morale. Sounds impossible, right? It doesn’t have to be. Boosting efficiency can be simpler than you think.

Delegate, delegate, delegate
It may seem obvious, but it’s often the most difficult to exercise as many managers face an inability to let go of their work. Learning to delegate is not only critical to increasing productivity, it’s necessary to the development of your employees. Start small, communicate clearly and give responsibility to qualified staff. It gives them the opportunity to learn new skills, practice collaboration and builds a foundation of rapport between the team.

Communicate effectively
Effective communication is crucial to the success of every workplace. Without it, businesses simply could not operate. When information is not transferred properly, productivity falls, deadlines are missed and casual employees may not turn up for scheduled shifts. This is where ShiftMatch comes in. Our software utilises multiple communication mediums to improve the dialogue between organisations and casual staff, automatically filling shift vacancies with most qualified, cost-effective and available staff member. A consistent and improved line of communication is powerful in its ability to lift the functioning of a workplace. It increases employee performance, lifts morale and creates a healthy culture that nurtures the retention of staff. Facilitating a multi-directional flow of information allows teams to work towards a unified goal.

Automation is your best allie
Automation is a key player when it comes to workplace efficiency – and for the most obvious reason; manual tasks take time. The more effort spent on in-effective workflows, the fewer resources are dedicated to more demanding areas of the business. This is why sometimes it’s worthwhile letting tech, like ShiftMatch, do the heavy lifting. If you’re managing a large pool of casual or part-time employees, you don’t want to be stuck on the phone every time there’s a shift vacancy…or you’d never get anything else done. Automating the shift shortfall process can save management up to 90% of administration time. Plus, it gives them greater visibility and control over the roster, reduces the spend on external resources and instils accountability over obligation to shifts. Management is able to focus on more critical areas of the business and casual staff are able to align work preferences without prejudice. It’s a win-win when for both the organisation and employees.

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