ShiftMatch, we match open shifts with all workers to improve efficiency across all industries.

Looking for a streamlined way to manage last-minute open shifts? ShiftMatch uses innovative workforce automation to connect open shifts with suitable staff from your internal pool and external workforce. Our system is especially invaluable for industries with dynamic workforce requirements that rely heavily on contingent workers, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing manual coordination. Experience how ShiftMatch can save you both time and money.

Fill Open Shifts

Specialist Relief Management

ShiftMatch is a specialist relief management solution designed to efficiently manage internal relief pools and external contingent workers across various industries. Developed from the engagement and feedback of managerial decisions, our platform has evolved into an automated system that intelligently adapts to daily staffing requirements, ensuring the optimal placement of contingent labour resources to meet dynamic workforce needs.

ShiftMatch enhances operational efficiency by optimising the filling of open shifts by as much as 90%. This significant improvement liberates management time, allowing for a greater focus on strategic resourcing initiatives and staff development programs.

How can ShiftMatch help me?

Responsive UI and Native Apps

Effortlessly manage open shifts and respond to shift requests on the go with ShiftMatch’s responsive UI and native apps for smartphones and tablets. Our interface seamlessly adapts to all mobile devices, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free experience anywhere you are. Download our app from the App Store or Google Play Store. to stay connected and efficient, no matter your location.

Multiple UI's for filling open shifts

Features for the Evolving Workforce

As workplaces shift from traditional employment models, organizations are increasingly turning to part-time and contingent workers to enhance their competitiveness and service quality. In response to this trend, workers are seeking greater flexibility to accommodate personal commitments like family and education. ShiftMatch is essential in this evolving environment, adeptly aligning open shifts with the most suitable staff, thereby establishing itself as a pivotal tool for modern workforce management.

Workers accept requests to fill open shifts

Employee Satisfaction

ShiftMatch enhances employee satisfaction by allowing staff to update their availability and receive shift notifications via mobile app notifications or SMS, with email as a backup option.

Admin can easily see open shifts

Visibility of Staffing Gaps

As a specialist relief management solution, ShiftMatch enables managers to monitor and address staffing shortages, automating the process to ensure efficient deployment of staff.

Reporting Dashboard

Workforce Reporting

ShiftMatch offers real-time, customizable reports at the touch of a button, aiding decision-making with accurate and up-to-date workforce data.

Worker Locations

Staff Work Locations

Manage permissible work locations for staff via ShiftMatch. Employees can opt-out of undesired locations, ensuring compliance and proper governance without the ability to self-add new locations.


Gazump Feature

ShiftMatch’s ‘Gazump’ feature allows priority override in shift assignments based on work type—like allowing casual workers to override agency staff—with rules to ensure compliance and avoid penalties.

API Integration

System Integration

As an edge solution, ShiftMatch enhances enterprise workforce management systems by offering robust API integration, facilitating seamless connectivity with various business systems.

What Sets ShiftMatch Apart?

Some of our frequently asked questions

  • How does ShiftMatch enhance my existing scheduling/rostering system, and can it connect with external contingent staffing agencies?

  • Integrating ShiftMatch with your existing scheduling system not only streamlines your operations but also enhances connectivity with external contingent staffing agencies. It automates the task of filling staffing gaps and vacancies, thereby reducing managerial burden and improving efficiency. This user-friendly tool enables seamless communication with staffing agencies, providing you with a more comprehensive solution for your staffing needs.

  • Considering our tight schedules, how easy is it to integrate ShiftMatch into our operations?

  • Incorporating ShiftMatch into your system is an efficient and straightforward process. With our web-based SaaS platform, we can have you up and running within a few weeks, fully aligned with your workforce and scheduling protocols. We also offer comprehensive training to your staff and management to facilitate a smooth transition.

  • Is a substantial capital budget required for the implementation of ShiftMatch?

  • The cost-effectiveness of ShiftMatch is one of its standout features. Our clients typically offset the cost of the software through significant savings in overtime and agency budgets. With a usage-based payment structure and a one-time fee for initial setup and training, you can avoid long-term contracts and unnecessary commitments.

  • Can ShiftMatch integrate seamlessly with our current workforce management software?

  • Absolutely, ShiftMatch boasts compatibility with a variety of workforce management software. Thanks to our comprehensive suite of industry-standard APIs, we ensure seamless integration with Scheduling, Time & Attendance, Payroll, Data Warehousing, and Agency Staffing Allocation systems.

  • How does ShiftMatch affect employee satisfaction levels?

  • Implementing ShiftMatch often leads to an increase in staff retention and satisfaction levels. The platform empowers your employees by giving them more control over their work-life balance. They can choose shifts based on their preferences and needs, leading to a feeling of increased value within the organization.

We love our users, and they love us.

We are dedicated to our users. When you use ShiftMatch, you’re using software that has been designed by its users and with over 300,000 users and counting, that’s a lot of functionality we’ve added to make the task of filling open shifts so much easier. Check out what our users are saying about ShiftMatch!

“I work in a unit that uses Shiftmatch for the booking and allocation of nursing staff members with different specialties across a large health service. The system is easy to use as a manager/staffing officer and allows easy reporting at the start of shift prior to nurse allocation. Reports are simple to run and easy to interpret. Within minutes I can prepare weekly and monthly reports to inform executive team members of all activity across the health service. With the initial assistance from Shiftmatch staff, I am now able to manipulate the data and prepare accurate and informative reports. Nothing is too much trouble when asking Shiftmatch staff for improvements or changes that we need for our individual needs. Response times are within an hour and changes made super quick. Shiftmatch takes the hassle out of staffing and reporting.” – Gaynor Norman – Staffing office manager Townsville Base Hospital

“We have been using Shiftmatch for the past few years and it has transformed our booking and availability process. It allows greater visibility as an organisation whilst allowing individual staff to manage their availability with ease. All our staff are extremely happy with Shiftmatch and enjoy knowing their schedule in advance. After hours managers are happy with Shiftmatch and its use following a short settling in period. All in all we couldn’t work without it now!” – Lisa Hartnett, Staffing Coordinator Ramsay WA

“Since implementing ShiftMatch we have: Improved the ability for part-time staff to pick up shifts within and across facilities, providing flexibility and empowering staff to be able to pick up shifts that suit personal schedules. Halved agency usage with significant projected savings per annum. Reduced rostering administration within busy, local and remote facilities through a centralised efficient small rostering team, which ensures consistent application of policy and procedure. And improved organisational ability to manage overtime, report and provide facilities with evidence to support improvement and change ” – Jenny Barbara – Bethanie Group