Child care

Forget the morning scramble. Instantly fill vacant shifts.

ShiftMatch provides an automated casual staff booking solution for childcare centres and preschools. Instantly match the most cost-effective, qualified educator to their preferred work location and availability.

How will ShiftMatch make a difference?

Over a quarter of all childcare and early learning employees are employed on a casual basis. Here’s how our automated, trackable system will make a difference in managing shift shortfalls.

  • Save time and effort by eliminating workflows around finding casual staff

  • Reduce spend on overtime and external resources

  • Allow Centre Director & Administrators greater visibility and control over resourcing needs

  • Receive free updates & support – you need it, we gladly provide it

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How does it work?

Our cloud-based system can be used on any device, anywhere, at anytime – as long as there’s internet connection.
The responsive interface allows staff to easily manage when and where they want to work, while managers have greater control and visibility over the roster.

Responsive Interface
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Managing vacancies is so much easier with ShiftMatch.

  • Easy-to-use booking experience for both administrators and casual staff

  • Send and receive bookings across multiple channels and access real-time availability of casual staff

  • Third-party system integration can be achieved via standard data import/export routines

  • Group staff by preference, location specific and can filter by a variety of customised criteria, easing the search process

  • View all filled and vacant shifts in the interface by week or fortnight

  • Casual staff can view their schedule, plus update and manage their own details and preferences via the interface

Some of our frequently asked questions

  • I already have a scheduling/rostering system – why do I need ShiftMatch too?

  • After you post your Staff Roster, how do your managers replace vacancies and find staff for shortfalls? ShiftMatch gets managers off the phone by automating the filling of gaps in your Roster.

  • We’re really busy – how hard is ShiftMatch to implement?

  • ShiftMatch is ready to use in just a few days – configured with your workforce and scheduling practices – and is available anywhere via the web. We help you get your staff ready for the change and we train managers and schedulers in just a couple hours.

  • Do we need a capital budget?

  • Our customers easily pay for ShiftMatch from the savings in their overtime and agency budgets. As a software service, you only pay when you use ShiftMatch. There is an initial charge for configuration and training, and no long-term contracts or commitments.

  • Does ShiftMatch integrate with our other workforce software?

  • ShiftMatch includes a suite of industry standard API’s to connect to other workforce management software such as Scheduling, Time & Attendance, Payroll, Data Warehousing and Agency Staffing Allocation systems.

  • Will my staff like ShiftMatch?

  • Staff retention typically improves after ShiftMatch is implemented, because your workers feel more valued. Staff have greater control over their work/life balance able to pick up as much or as little work as they require and only get notified about the shifts they want.

We care about your staffing needs.

Our sophisticated system is a reflection of feedback from our users. We believe that our product will make a difference in your organisation and we’re here to help in any way we can. We offer the best support directly with our key personnel and provide userguides which are available to you 24/7.